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Classification of Fully Automatic Solar Laminator

The fully automatic solar laminator is the most important process in the entire solar cell production line. It is used to bond multiple layers of materials (glass, EVA, solar cells, and back panels) together through heating and vacuuming in the laminator chamber.

Single-layer single-chamber solar module laminator

The single-layer single-chamber laminator is the simplest and most basic automatic laminator.


  • Easy maintenance: The side door adopts an air spring open-closed mesh door, making maintenance more convenient.

  • Strong adaptability: The single-layer series has lower requirements for load-bearing and factory height compared to the double-layer model.

  • Shorter cycle time: A shorter cycle time is achieved by fixing the unloading stage and releasing enough fans.

  • Large upgrade space: The reserved hardware and software ports allow for structural improvements and increased capacity based on the existing equipment.

Single-layer double-chamber solar laminator

The single-layer double-chamber solar panel laminator includes a loading stage, a heating laminating stage, a cooling laminating stage, and an unloading stage.

Vacuum and heating systems for single-layer double-chamber photovoltaic laminators

Vacuum system

The main part of the vacuum system is the EBRO valve. The inflation rate of the upper chamber is adjustable.

The system is controlled by an electromagnetic valve and a PLC intelligent control system, with touch screen operation and data display, and is equipped with mechanical vacuum pressure gauges and vacuum pressure sensors to display and monitor the vacuum in the chamber in real time.

The laminating stage is also equipped with a Pirani gauge to more accurately display and monitor the vacuum state of the laminating stage.

Heating system

The heating plate is made of processed porous plate with a flatness of ≤250 μm/㎡. The heating medium is heating oil.

The entire heating system (including the heating oil pipeline) is fully insulated, greatly reducing heat loss and saving energy.

The heating oil furnace is supplied by a manufacturer with national TS qualification, and has reliable and safe performance.

Single-layer three-chamber solar laminator

The single-layer three-chamber solar panel laminator includes a loading stage, two heating laminating stages, a cooling laminating stage, and an unloading stage.

Double-layer single-chamber solar laminator

The double-layer single-chamber photovoltaic module laminator has a double-layer structure, a loading stage, a heating laminating stage, and an unloading stage.

The equipment configuration and features of the double-layer single-chamber photovoltaic module laminator:

  • Siemens PLC control system is adopted.

  • It integrates automatic/semi-automatic/manual three control modes. The automatic and manual loading, laminating, and unloading can be switched.

  • The important system parameters' characteristic curve (upper and lower vacuum degree, table temperature) recording function.

  • Segmental pressurization function, and the pressure speed is adjustable.

  • The transmission system adopts a chain drive structure and continuous loading and unloading modules.

  • The programmable controller can easily communicate with the computer and meet the requirements of modern industrial automation control.

  • The loading and unloading stations are equipped with independent control buttons, which are convenient for loading and unloading; the loading platform is designed for step-by-step control, and a certain distance can be set according to actual needs. This means that when the button is clicked, the module will automatically move forward a certain distance.

  • Process parameters can be set, and various process parameters can be displayed in the same window. It can store multiple process recipes for product selection.

  • The process parameters are automatically memorized and will not be lost after the restart. The stacking count statistics function is convenient for viewing the working times and daily output, and can also be used as a reference for equipment maintenance, maintenance, and replacement of vulnerable parts.

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