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Daily Maintenance for Solar Module Laminator

Solar module laminator uses non-stick cloth

During the sales of laminator, manufacturers always place two non-stick cloths inside the machine. This is to remind users of the importance of non-stick cloth in production. The function of non-stick cloth is to isolate the melted EVA from sticking to the upper rubber plate and the heating plate of the laminating machine. Once the EVA sticks to the rubber plate and heating plate, it will be difficult to remove.

The correct usage method is:

At least 4 non-stick cloths should be equipped with a solar module laminator. After each use, do not reuse it immediately, but put it aside to cool thoroughly, and then thoroughly remove the EVA on the non-stick cloth, so that the non-stick cloth can maintain its original color.

If the EVA on the non-stick cloth cannot be thoroughly removed, the EVA will stick to the glass of the battery component when used again. Cleaning with any method will leave EVA particles on the glass, and these particles will melt and adhere to the glass again when the battery panel is used outdoors. The dust on the glass cannot be removed, and sometimes the dust will block the battery sheet, forming a long-term hot spot effect.

Correct use of sealing materials for frames in solar module laminator

When installing the frame on the battery panel, sealant is needed. Some units press the EVA strip into the groove of the frame for sealing and use a hair dryer to melt the EVA.

If EVA is used for frame sealing, be sure to put the installed battery panel into a curing furnace for curing. Otherwise, EVA will repeatedly melt and absorb a large amount of dust and dirt when used outdoors under sunlight.

In addition, never use colored glue for the sealant. Otherwise, this pigment will slowly spread into the EVA inside the battery panel, and the battery panel will change color after one year of use.

Normal use of the vacuum pump in solar module laminator

In the daily maintenance of the laminating machine, the most important maintenance is the maintenance of the vacuum system. After a period of use, the vacuum degree of the laminating machine will decrease. When it drops to a certain level, bubbles will appear on the battery panel. Therefore, it is required to check whether the vacuum pump lacks oil every day.

Check whether the oil level of the vacuum pump reaches the window oil level line during operation, and supplement it if it is insufficient, but do not overfill.

Secondly, after using for a period of time, the vacuum pump oil will become turbid or black. At this time, it is necessary to change the vacuum pump oil and clean the vacuum pump to remove the colloidal foreign matter inhaled into the vacuum pump.

If the vacuum degree is still not high after cleaning, it may be due to the fact that after the EVA in the solar module laminator is subjected to high temperature, the peroxide (crosslinking catalyst) and antioxidant added to the EVA, and trace amounts of wax acid will escape back with the temperature rising. Some peroxides participate in the crosslinking chemical reaction of EVA, forming new substances and escaping into the air.

The higher the working temperature of the solar module laminator, the more complex substances will escape into the air. These complex substances are partly absorbed into the vacuum pump, adsorbed on various components inside the vacuum pump, or dissolved in the vacuum pump oil, leading to the overall reduction in the vacuum pump function.

The other part will form a gel-like particle in the vacuum pipeline with decreasing temperature, and adsorb on the vacuum pipeline. Over time, the vacuum pipeline will become narrower or even blocked. The only solution is to replace the connected vacuum hose.

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