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Definition of Solar Module Laminator

Solar module laminators are machines that use laminate photovoltaic solar cells to increase their efficiency and durability. The solar module circuit floats between materials such as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and non-ethylene-vinyl acetate to soften the effects of any external mechanical shock and vibration.

The definition of a photovoltaic module

A photovoltaic module, commonly referred to as a solar panel, is a web that captures solar energy and converts it into sustainable energy. A semiconductor material, usually silicon, is the basis of each individual solar module laminator. In a typical module, 36 cells are connected in series, producing enough voltage to charge a 12V battery. The voltage from the PV module is determined by the number of cells in the solar module laminator, while the current from the module is mainly determined by the size of the solar cells.

Silicon is by far the most common semiconductor material used in solar cells, accounting for about 95 percent of the modules sold today.

The encapsulant used on solar module laminator

Instead, the encapsulant is used to provide adhesion between the upper and rear surfaces of the solar cells, and photovoltaic modules. The encapsulant should be stable under high temperatures and high UV exposure. It should also be optically clear and should have low thermal resistance. EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate, a material with good radiation transmittance and low degradability to sunlight. This is a thermoplastic polymer used in solar modules as an encapsulant because by applying heat to the module, it forms a sealing and insulating film around the solar cells.

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