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Functionality and Reliability of Vacuum Laminating Machine

The system of vacuum laminator


The mainframe of the vacuum laminator can be divided into three parts: heating system (providing heat source), hydraulic system (providing pressure and controlling the action of the laminator), and the laminator itself (frame, control part).

Generally speaking, the laminator is mainly evaluated and selected according to its function, reliability, service and price.

The function and reliability of the vacuum laminator

The production problems of the vacuum laminator itself are not many, but a large part of them come from the hydraulic system, such as oil leakage and inability to maintain pressure.

There are many knowledge and requirements about the hydraulic system that cannot be fully described here, but it must be paid great attention to when selecting.

The control system of the vacuum laminator mainly controls the operation of the heating system and hydraulic system, and its sensitivity and accuracy directly affect the accuracy of the vacuum laminator.

Due to the complex composition of the control part, it is usually the part that is easy to go wrong. For vacuum laminators with complex functions, such as high-temperature vacuum laminators, many Chinese vacuum laminator manufacturers use world-leading control systems and try to minimize the use of low-reliability control components such as solenoid valves.

Generally speaking, the work function and reliability of the vacuum laminator used in the PCB industry can be considered from the above aspects. Many product process problems will arise during production and need to be analyzed according to specific situations.

Today, we remind everyone to clean the vacuum laminator properly, which will extend the service life of the vacuum laminator. Therefore, we need to maintain and clean the vacuum laminator regularly.

Before maintaining the vacuum laminator, the operator should make the corresponding maintenance preparations and turn off the power supply. The laminating range needs to be cleaned, which can effectively extend its service life, and check whether the switch is connected normally and whether there is oil leakage. Moreover, before starting the operation every day, the vacuum laminator should also check whether there are abnormal situations.

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