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How to Use the Laminator After Parking for a Period of Time?

Reasonable selection of solar laminator

The solar cell laminator can determine several important contents of the solar panel:

  • The bubbles on the solar panel must meet the requirements;

  • The adhesion of the solar panel must be qualified;

  • The bonding strength must be qualified;

  • The fragment rate must be low;

  • The shape of the solar panel, which is the external dimension of the solar module laminator after high temperature.

When selecting a solar laminator, the first four items are determined by the vacuum degree, temperature uniformity, and pressure regulation function. However, the shape of the solar panel is determined by the heating plate area of the laminator. When selecting the laminator, the first factor to consider is the size of the solar laminator.

Choose a compatible area, and consider the opening method, appearance, etc. as much as possible. Selecting the laminator is complete, and the device is calibrated under the guidance of the manufacturer to enter normal production use.

The solar laminator enters the working state

After self-checking is completed, the laminator can enter the working state.

The operation sequence of the solar laminator:

Press the vacuum pump button, check the process parameters, check whether the temperature reaches the set value, check whether the operating state is active or manual, set the active state, check whether the vacuum pump is short of oil, put the component to be laminated, close it, check the vacuum degree, take out the component, and check the component.

Ensure that all processes are normal, and the solar laminator enters normal operation.

Solar laminator shutdown

The solar laminator requires that all power be turned off when it stops, and to ensure that non-operational personnel do not make mistakes, the emergency button can be included in the shutdown range.

The operation sequence is as follows:

Close the vacuum pump, close the lid (do not close it tightly), turn off the heating, turn off the power supply, press the emergency button, turn off the main switch, or: press the emergency button, and turn off the main switch.

How to use the solar laminator after parking for a period of time?

After the solar laminator has been parked for a period of time, the machine should be started in the normal sequence, do not put in the solar panel, and run two cycles empty first to remove the adsorbed water vapor before normal use.

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