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How to Use the Laminator?

Instructions for the active solar laminator: Please read the instructions carefully before operation.


Start-up of the solar laminator


  • Plug the power cord into a AC220V outlet (ensure that the outlet is not overloaded).

  • Switch on the power button. The temperature display indicates the machine temperature, indicating normal power.


Setting temperature and holding time of the solar laminator

  • Different PVC (PET) cards and laminating films require different temperatures and insulation times. Generally, the laminating temperature for PVC cards and films is 90-120℃, and 140-160℃ for A4 laminates, with an insulation time of 3-6 minutes.

  • Note: The temperature should not exceed 150°C to avoid deformation of the PVC card.


 PVC (PET) printed products and film of the solar module laminator


  • Place a laminating clamp board in the laminating support board, then place a layer of adhesive film (note: the adhesive side is facing up), followed by a layer of PVC printed products. Place another layer of adhesive film (note: the adhesive side is facing down) and then another laminating clamp board.

  • Insert the support board with PVC card and film smoothly into the feeder of the machine (ensure the support board is in place).

  • The operation of the A4 laminator is the same as above.

Pressurization of the solar module laminator


After placing the bracket in place, turn the handwheel clockwise to clamp the clamp board, and then use the pressure rod to apply pressure. Then press the start button. The machine will automatically heat up. When it reaches the set temperature, the machine will count down according to the set time. When the countdown time is "0", the machine will automatically cool down. When the temperature cools down to 59°C, the machine will sound an alarm to indicate that the laminating work is completed. Turn the pressure rod counterclockwise until the support board can be removed. After removing, let it cool down for a while to avoid burning hands.


Tips for using and protecting the solar laminator

  • Keep the laminating clamp board clean at all times. Use a soft towel dipped in alcohol to wipe it clean, and then wipe it dry with a clean towel.

  • If the machine is idle for a long time, check and perform a trial run before startup.

  • Regularly add lubricating oil to the machine's screw rod, column, and other parts.


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