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Introduction of Semi-Automatic Solar Module Laminator

Overview of semi-automatic solar module laminator

  • Used in the production of small solar panels;

  • Flexible working modes, multiple modes can be freely selected;

  • Standard industrial control mode, PLC automated processing, touch screen operation display function;

  • Integrated various PID operations with high accuracy and strong anti-interference capability.

Characteristics of semi-automatic solar module laminator

  • Integrated module design: the equipment adopts super-strong structural design, which can meet long-term operation under high pressure environment.

  • Bonding main body: adopts pneumatic cover opening method, stable and uniform system, low energy consumption, and time-saving and clean.

  • Vacuum system: The entire system is controlled by solenoid valves and PLC, and the operation and data display are on the touch screen. Equipped with mechanical vacuum pressure gauge and vacuum pressure sensor, it can display and monitor the vacuum degree in the room in real time.

  • Heating system: oil heating is used for heating. The temperature fluctuation during heating is small, ensuring good temperature uniformity; when the room temperature is 25℃, the heating plate can reach 120℃ within 120 minutes.

  • Auxiliary mechanical system: The frame adopts high-strength structural design, and key parts are reinforced with connectors to ensure the firmness and reliability of the entire frame, making the equipment safe, stable, and reliable during transportation, installation, and use, and reducing the failure rate.

  • Electrical control system: high-quality electrical components greatly reduce the failure rate.

  • Safety system: installation of emergency button switch to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Advantages of solar laminator

  • SC Solar has the most advanced technology and talent in the laminator field.

  • SC SOLAR has grown rapidly, ranking first in sales performance in 2021, and far ahead of any competitors in 2022.

  • In recent years, solar cell products have been promoted and innovated, and new heating technologies have been developed.

  • The largest manufacturer, with a factory area of 30,000 square meters and a monthly laminator production capacity of 50 units.

  • SC SOLAR can provide not only oil heating laminators, but also electric heating laminators.

  • More than 70 senior engineers are responsible for after-sales service.

SC SOLAR focuses on the R&D of solar laminators and has become the best supplier for designing and producing oil heating laminators and electric heating laminators. SC laminators are compatible with different types of photovoltaic modules and can be connected to assembly lines. The company is strong in strength, constantly pursues technological innovation, has more than 30 patents for invention, utility model and software copyright, and has the ability to satisfy customers. Welcome to inquire.

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