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Principle and Advantages of Oil Heating Solar Module Laminator

The principle of oil-heated solar cell module laminator

The principle of laminating machine for heating oil solar cell module: turn on the power switch, and set the working temperature of the packaging platform through the touch screen. Heat-conducting oil is used as a heat carrier, which is heated in a heater, and two sets of heating systems are arranged in parallel behind the hot oil pump, which is controlled by the heating power controller respectively; The hot oil pump is used to send the hot oil to the packaging platform, and two independent two-way serpentine pipelines are arranged in the platform so that the hot oil flows reversely and automatically compensates the temperature. The upper part of the heater is provided with an expansion tank, one end of which is connected with the expansion tank and the hot oil pump, and the other end is connected with the heater. Excess heat transfer oil after thermal expansion can be returned to the expansion tank, and then added to the heating system when cooled. The temperature sensors are respectively located at the inlet, outlet and heating plate of the hot oil pipeline of the heater, and the detected temperature signals are transmitted to the PLC, and the heating power controller processes the temperature signals to control the heater power; Finally, the hot oil passes through the packaging platform and then returns to the heater for reheating, thus forming a closed cycle.

The advantages of oil-heated solar cell module laminator

The advantage of an oil-heated solar cell module laminator lies in that the oil-heated system can independently control the heating temperature, effectively improve the heat transfer effect among the existing electric heating system, boiler heating system and workbench, improve the surface temperature uniformity of the workbench, improve the quality of oil-heated solar cell module laminator, and help to improve the packaging quality of solar cell modules.

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