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Solar Module Laminator

SC SOLAR focuses on the R&D of solar laminators and has become the best supplier that can design and produce both oil heating laminators and electrical heating laminators. SC laminators are compatible with different types of photovoltaic modules and can connect with assembly lines. and strong enough to continuous pursuit technological innovation already owns more than 30 patents for Invention, Utility Models, and Software Copyright and is capable to satisfied customers. Sales performance to be No.1 in 2021, and has far ahead of any competitor in 2022!


Different Types of Solar Module Laminator

SC-SOLAR not only provides customers with turnkey solutions for solar module manufacturing but also provides intelligent equipment in PV cells, silicon wafer manufacturing and other domains.
This type is used for big capacity production, can connect with automatic solar module production line, and save manpower.
This type of performance is stable and mature, temperature uniformity is quite good, there is an oil heating station to heat the oil, and hot oil flows in the heating plate to ensure the even temperature distribution.
This type has already been widely used in most of the TOP 10 module manufacturers in the domestic from 2021, it is hot popular and will be the market trend. it adopts a composite heating plate, which can save power and environmental protection.
This type is used for small capacity production, can laminate one-two piece solar modules at one time, also usually apply in the lab.
SC-SOLAR Solar Module Laminator's Quality, Services and Technology

SC-SOLAR Solar Module Laminator's Quality, Services and Technology

Solar Module Laminator Research and Development
Solar Module Laminator Quality
Solar Module Laminator Services
SC-SOLAR Solar Module Laminator's Quality, Services and Technology

SC SOLAR has comprehensive core technical intellectual property rights, for which we have been awarded a number of honor qualifications.

SC-SOLAR Solar Module Laminator's Quality, Services and Technology

Good reputation from customers after using, repeat orders is the most powerful proof for best quality.

SC-SOLAR Solar Module Laminator's Quality, Services and Technology
  • Email or on-phone support  in 2Hrs

  • On-site support within 48Hrs (Asia)

  • On-site support within 72Hrs (Other countries)

Advantages of Solar Module Laminator

Advantages of Solar Module Laminator

  • SC SOLAR has the most advanced technology and talent in the laminator field.

  • SC SOLAR grow up quickly, sales performance is No.1 in 2021 after being established 2 years, and far ahead of any competition in 2022.

  • In recent years, SC SOLAR products have been promoted and innovation and new heating technology is developed.

  • The biggest manufacturer with a factory area of 30000㎡, Current Laminator Monthly Capacity: 50Pcs

  • Not only an oil heating laminator but also an electric heating laminator can be supplied by SC SOLAR.

  • More than 70 senior engineers for after-sale service.

Explore Solar Laminator Machine Application

solar module laminator application
applications of solar laminator machine
application of solar laminator machine
solar laminator machine applications
explore solar laminator machine application
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