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Structure System of Solar Module Laminator

The structure system of solar module laminator mainly consists of four parts: loading and unloading system, heating system, pressure system and protection system.

Heating system of solar module laminator

It consists of measuring elements, controllers, and heaters, and its function is to heat and control the water in the container, and the heat is conducted to the compressed capacitor strip evenly. The strip is softened by heating, which is not only beneficial to compression, but also prevents cracks under pressure.

The heating element of the solar module laminator

It is a stainless steel heating plate wrapped on the outer surface of the enclosed container. After being powered on, the heating plate generates heat and conducts it to the water in the container to raise the temperature.

To ensure that the water temperature can reach the process requirements during use, it is usually heated before feeding, and equipped with a temperature detector to directly measure the water temperature.

During operation, the container is in a high pressure closed state, and the water temperature can only be measured and controlled through an intelligent digital temperature controller.

The temperature measuring element cannot directly measure the liquid temperature inside the container, so an indirect measurement method must be adopted. Therefore, it is required to minimize the measurement error and control lag in the selection and installation of the elements.

Pressure system of solar laminator

It consists of pressure transmitter, pressure controller, booster pump, manual valve, pneumatic valve, etc.

Its main function is to detect the pressure inside the sealed container by the pressure transmitter, convert the pressure value into a standard signal of 4-20 milliamperes, and transmit it to the signal input of the pressure controller.

The pressure controller is the control core of the pressure system. It accepts the pressure signal transmitted by the pressure transmitter and controls the output according to the received pressure signal.

The signal output by the pressure controller controls a set of booster components, and the system pressurizes the enclosed container internally through the booster components.

The booster component is a relatively complex and critical component, consisting of an electromagnetic valve and a booster pump. The booster pump continuously injects water into the enclosed container to make the water pressure inside the container rise continuously until it reaches the set pressure value.

After the pressure reaches the set value, the booster pump stops working, and the system enters a closed and constant pressure state and starts timing. During the constant pressure process, the system can automatically compensate for the pressure drop to make the pressure remain within a relatively accurate range.

After the constant pressure timing of the system ends, the pressure controller sends out a pressure relief signal, controls the operation of the pneumatic valve for pressure relief, and makes the water in the sealed container flow out, and the pressure inside the container decreases accordingly.

The protection system of the solar module laminator includes protection for lifting, heating, pressurization, etc.

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