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The Envisioned Development Direction of Solar Laminator

Currently, the development trend of solar module laminator manufacturers mainly includes double-layer, multi-layer, double-chamber double-layer laminators, and heat-storage laminators in response to the needs of component production units.

Comparison between single-layer and multi-layer laminators for solar laminator

At present, the more mature laminators in the market are double-layer and ten-layer laminators, which have similar power consumption, but the production capacity of ten-layer laminators is much higher. However, the control system of ten-layer laminators is very complicated, and the failure rate will increase by dozens of times. Therefore, comprehensive evaluation results show that the ten-layer laminating machine is not as practical as the double-layer laminating machine, but multi-layer laminators are a trend.

Comparison between single-chamber laminators and multi-chamber laminators for solar laminator

The dual-chamber laminating machine shortens the original process by half, and the two chambers are connected in series, making the functions relatively simple and the failure rate no higher than that of single-chamber laminators. Although the equipment investment has increased, the 50% increase in production capacity is worth it.

Comparison between oil-heated and electric-heated laminators for solar laminator

The most significant advantage of oil-heated laminators over electric-heated ones is stable and uniform heating, while electric-heated laminators have the characteristics of fast temperature rise and fall, environmental protection, and safety. With the development of temperature control and heating technology, electric heating will be re-accepted.

Comparison between heat-storage laminators and conventional laminators for solar laminator

The electricity cost in the laminating process is the main cost, and reducing power consumption or saving electricity costs is the first choice to reduce costs. Conventional laminators consume electricity directly, and heat consumption and electricity consumption correspond immediately.

A heat-storage laminator machine is a laminating machine that can control and manage the heat consumption and electricity consumption time. It can actively manage the electricity consumption time. Under the premise of society's requirement for energy conservation and consumption reduction in enterprise units, using more multi-layer laminators can improve energy utilization and reduce component costs. Multi-layer laminators and double-chamber double-layer laminators are the future development direction, and the heating method of solar laminators will gradually develop from oil heating to electric heating.

With the development of heat-storage energy storage technology, heat-storage multi-layer multi-chamber laminaters will become the future trend.

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