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Anhui: From January to August, the Output of Solar Cells (Including Modules) was 16.7GW with a Cumulative Increase of Nearly 50%

The photovoltaic industry is an important support to promote energy transformation and upgrading and achieve green development. It is also a rare strategic emerging industry in China that has formed an international competitive advantage, achieved end-to-end self-control, and is expected to take the lead in becoming a model of high-quality development. On the afternoon of October 14th, the Economic and Information Office of Anhui Province held the "Capital Empowering Lighting Photovoltaic" 2021 matchmaking meeting of the photovoltaic industry, aiming at solving the practical problems of "tight capital, expensive financing and difficult financing" of photovoltaic enterprises, and building a docking communication platform for financial enterprises. The conference organized a number of photovoltaic enterprises to carry out "face-to-face" on-site docking with banks and financial institutions, so as to promote the deepening of cooperation and mutual benefit and help the development of the photovoltaic industry with the logic of the market and the power of capital.

At the docking meeting, Anhui Economic and Information Office introduced and publicized the development situation of the photovoltaic industry in Anhui province and relevant provincial policy documents, and enthusiastically mobilized the docking activities. Bank of Communications and Industrial Bank, as representatives of banking institutions, respectively introduced and publicized their green financial products in detail.

A total of 19 PV companies participated in the matchmaking meeting, including "big and strong" industry leaders such as Jingke and Dongfang Risheng, as well as "small and beautiful" specialized and special new enterprises such as Huasheng New Energy and Zhongnan Optoelectronics. Eleven banks and financial institutions, including the Bank of China and Guoyuan, attended the meeting. The two sides conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on the spot, and nearly ten enterprises initially reached an intention to discuss cooperation.

It is reported that under the guidance of the "double carbon" goal and the new development situation, the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to it and continue to strengthen the layout of the future development of the photovoltaic industry. Among the "new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industries" of the top ten emerging industries in the province, photovoltaic is listed as the key content of new energy industry development. In July this year, the Provincial Economic and Information Department, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Housing and Construction Department, and the Provincial Energy jointly issued the "Anhui Photovoltaic Industry Development Action Plan (2021-2023)", which clearly put forward the goal of "doubling" the revenue in three years and exceeding 150 billion yuan in the output value of the industrial chain, and listed supporting the development of photovoltaic industry and vigorously optimizing the energy structure as the key tasks of the province's carbon emission peaking action plan.

Under the great attention and correct leadership of the provincial party committee and government, Anhui photovoltaic industry has achieved an accelerated leap and entered the fast lane of rapid development. In 2020, the province's photovoltaic equipment and component manufacturing industry will achieve a regulated industrial added value growth of more than 60%, with an operating income of nearly 65 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 50%; The output of photovoltaic cells (including modules) is 20.6GW, up nearly 80% year-on-year, ranking third in China. The output of PV inverters reaches 35GW, ranking the forefront of the world for many years. From January to August this year, the province's photovoltaic equipment and components manufacturing industry achieved an operating income of 48.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 45%, and the output of solar cells (including components) was 16.7GW, with a cumulative increase of nearly 50%. At the same time, due to the rising prices of upstream raw materials and other factors since the second half of last year, the profitability of Anhui PV enterprises has been severely squeezed, and the problem of enterprise capital demand has become more prominent.

The reporter learned that, in the next step, Anhui Economic and Information Office will continue to carry out the tracking service of cooperation projects based on the "bride's family" of the enterprise and the "introducer" of the marriage between the enterprise and the financial enterprise and promote the implementation of this cooperation docking result. At the same time, it will gather more high-quality enterprises and financial resources on a larger scale and at a higher level, give better play to the role of a platform, and promote the establishment of a comprehensive, long-term and stable cooperative relationship between the financial and enterprise sides, so as to form a good situation of mutual promotion and common development and make new and greater contributions to the development of photovoltaic industry and even industrial economy in our province.

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