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Vacuum Laminator Applied in Solar Panel Assembly Production Line

What is Solar laminator?

A laminator is a type of press with a floating plate between the dynamic plate and the fixed plate. It refers to the press with three or more hot presses. The solar laminator, commonly known as a laminator, is also called a solar module laminator or photovoltaic module laminator.

As the name suggests, a laminator is a mechanical device that presses multiple layers of materials together. In the actual production process (for our company's conventional modules), it is the process of encapsulating tempered glass, EVA, solar cells, EVA, and backsheet through processes such as vacuuming and pressurization.

A vacuum laminator is a mechanical device that laminates multiple layers of substances under vacuum conditions. Vacuum laminators are used in solar cell assembly production lines.

The working principle of a solar laminator is the same no matter what kind of operation it is applied to. That is to apply a certain pressure to the surface of multiple layers of materials, and press these materials tightly together. What is different is that the pressing conditions are different according to the purpose of lamination.

The performance indicators of the solar laminator are mainly reflected in the following two aspects

The temperature of the solar laminator

This includes the accuracy and uniformity of the machine temperature. The so-called accuracy refers to the temperature difference between the set value and the actual value; the so-called uniformity mainly refers to the temperature difference between various points on the laminator table. The smaller the difference between the two values, the better.

The vacuum degree of the laminator

A machine with good vacuum degree has a decisive impact on our actual production for bubble control, and vice versa.

In actual production, we need to have a good understanding of the working principle of the solar laminator, which is more conducive to solving problems in actual production.

Solar laminators are used in solar cell photovoltaic production lines. The principle is to apply a certain pressure to the outer surface of each layer of material, and tightly press these materials together under heating conditions. It is a key equipment to complete the transformation from raw materials to finished solar panels.

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